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jsteigPosted - 20 March 2006 7:7  Show Profile

Program Details:

Every spend made to Logical Invest will receive 12 payouts, each comprising 10% of the initial spend.

Payouts commence 8 hours after your spend, and are made every 8 hours until you have been paid 120%.

Spends can be made any time, Min $2 Max $2500 (per spend)

You may spend as often as you like up to a maximum of $5000 per day - each spend is treated separately.

No spends from your online account. Every spend here comes from your e-gold account.

You can earn a 4% referral fee by asking people to sign up using your referral link. Referral bonuses are for paid members only.

Payouts to e-gold are not automatic; the funds accumulate in your Logical Invest account every 8 hours, and you can ask for your withdrawal at any time.

Payouts are made while I am online, which is most of the day and night.

Your spends will be recorded in your member area, where you will also be able to see details of your earnings and payouts. There is no minimum level for payouts, but the minimum spend is $2.00




huntermay Posted - 12 March 2008 20:31  Show Profile
why dont you just invested in the stock market hello.
vann1991 Posted - 16 June 2009 8:31  Show Profile
lol yea you could do that...
brendacross Posted - 3 April 2013 8:23  Show Profile
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