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Section Description


The GED 2002 Science Test is a test of thinking skills applied to science materials. The GED 2002 Science Test emphasizes the relevance of science to everyday life, including environment and health topics.

The Science Test is based on the National Science Education Standards (NSES). In addition to the core science concepts described on the previous web page, the NSES themes relate to all the content areas. More than half of the items on the GED Science Test are related to NSES themes, which include:


  • Science as Inquiry - methods and processes used to "do" science, focusing on the scientific method
  • Science and Technology - the interaction of scientific inquiry with technology and tools
  • Social and Personal Perspectives - the relationship of science to social issues
  • History and Nature of Science - the ever-changing body of information called science
  • Unifying Concepts - overarching topics in science - such as systems or change