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Oracle Database 12c the Complete Reference

Maintain a scalable, highly available enterprise platform and reduce complexity by leveraging the powerful new tools and cloud enhancements of Oracle Database 12c. This authoritative Oracle Press guide offers complete coverage of installation, configuration, tuning, and administration. Find out how to build and populate Oracle databases, perform effective queries, design applications, and secure your enterprise data. Oracle Database 12c: The Complete Reference also contains a comprehensive appendix covering commands, keywords, features, and functions.

  • Set up Oracle Database 12c or upgrade from an earlier version
  • Design Oracle databases and plan for application implementation
  • Construct SQL and SQL*Plus statements and execute powerful queries
  • Secure data with roles, privileges, virtualization, and encryption
  • Move data with SQL*Loader and Oracle Data Pump
  • Restore databases using flashback and the Oracle Database Automatic Undo Management feature
  • Build and deploy PL/SQL triggers, procedures, and packages
  • Work with Oracle pluggable and container databases
  • Develop database applications using Java, JDBC, and XML
  • Optimize performance with Oracle Real Application Clusters
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McGraw-Hill Education - 2013

MCSE: Networking Essentials Study Guide
To pass the Networking Essentials exam, you need to know all sorts of details. Sybex has done, in our opinion and the opinion of hundreds of students whom we've surveyed, the most comprehensive job of including all the critical information. It might not be the most interesting read in the world, but it does get the job done.
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Sybex - 1998

Networking for Dummies
You've been assigned to set up a computer network at the office, or you've inherited somebody else's network to fix. Your first question: What's a network? Not to worry. Networking For Dummies has all the answers you'll need -- in friendly, easy-to-follow steps and with plenty of tips -- to have your network up and running in no time flat. Whether you're setting up a corporate network, intranet, or Web site -- or you're just trying to untangle that maze of cables, interface cards, hubs, routers, and other networking paraphernalia -- Networking For Dummies is the next best thing to having a computer science degree (and it's much less expensive and less time-consuming, too). Plus, Networking For Dummies is loaded with helpful hints on maintaining safe and secure networks, configuring shared printers, and choosing the right software and hardware to suit your own networking needs.
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IDG Books Worldwide - 1998

Networking Essentials : Second Edition
Newly updated for Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, this kit is designed to provide a general understanding of the technical concepts and components of the network (LAN) environment. It also prepares readers to successfully complete the corresponding Microsoft Certified Professional exam on networking.
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Microsoft Press - 1997

Networking Essentials MCSE : Adaptive Testing Edition
Have you been working in the computer industry, and now you just want to review over the topics. Well don't waste your time reading a 700 page book, when you can get everything you need in this Exam Cram book.
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The Coriolis Group - 1999

The Core Exams in a Nutshell
Microsoft's MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) program is a rigorous testing and certification program for Windows NT system and network administrators. To achieve certification, you must pass four required exams and two elective exams. MCSE: The Core Exams in a Nutshell is a comprehensive study guide that covers the required exams for MCSE certification: Networking Essentials, Windows NT Server, Windows 95 or Windows NT Workstation, and NT Server in the Enterprise. This detailed reference is for administrators with experience on Windows NT and other platforms, such as UNIX, who want to learn the information necessary to pass the required portions of the MCSE certification exam.
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O'Reilly & Associates - 1998