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New Citizenship 2012 Civics FlashCards
During your naturalization eligibility interview, a USCIS officer will test your ability to read, write, and speak English. You will also be given a civics test in English (to test your knowledge and understanding of U.S. history and government) unless you are exempt. Even if exempt from the English test, you will need to take the civics test.

Your ability to speak English is determined by your answers to questions normally asked by USCIS officers during the naturalization eligibility interview regarding the information on your Form N-400, Application for Naturalization.

During your interview, the USCIS officer will ask you to orally answer a set of civics questions. You must answer 6 out of 10 civics questions correctly to achieve a passing score. Those Civic Flash Cards have all 100 questions and answers to the updated 2012 test.
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US - 2012

Pass the New Citizenship Test
This 2012 edition of the popular book contains all the content of the original 240 page book and has been formatted to be clear and inexpensive. It provides a Quick and Easy way to prepare for the U.S. Citizenship test (100 Civics Questions and Answers - and the Reading and Writing sections). It includes in one convenient volume information that is otherwise scattered in different places.

This book features the "flash card" method of reviewing (Question on one page and the answer on the following page). This makes studying both easy and fun - and helps you prepare well for the citizenship test.

The 100 civics questions are presented in 3 different ways:

  1. Regular Question/Answer format: (each question followed directly with the answer). This format is helpful when you first start studying the questions and answers. It gives you a "bird's eye view" of the questions and answers.
  2. Historical order (Logical Order): The same 100 answers are rearranged in a logical, historical order. This helps you to see the relationship among the questions and helps you to better remember the answers.
  3. "Flash card" format: question on one page and the answer on the following page. This allows you to test your memory and makes memorizing the questions and answers both easy and fun. For those not completely fluent in the English language, the book provides exercises in both reading and writing and includes:
    1. a complete list of the words you must know how to read
    2. a complete list of the words you must know how to write
    3. sentences reading and writing practice.
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Angelo Tropea - 2012

Quick Civics Lessons
These are just 4 of the 100 questions that the United States government wants its citizens to know. But what makes this book stand out from other study guides, is that every question also has a USCIS "mini-lesson" with it, short paragraphs that explain each answer and why the information is so important for Americans to know.

The added readings will help adults who are learning English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL-EFL) understand and remember the answers to the citizenship questions, practice their reading skills, and improve their vocabulary as they prepare for the citizenship interview. It will also be helpful for anyone who is studying civics for the GED.
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USCIS - 2011

U.S. Citizenship Test with DVD
We want to help you pass your U.S. Citizenship Exam. We've put all of our proven expertise into "McGraw-Hill's U.S. Citizenship Test" to make sure you're fully prepared for this difficult exam. With this book, you'll get essential study topics as well as strategies created by leading citizenship experts. You'll also get hundreds of sample questions and all the facts about the current exam. With "McGraw-Hill's U.S. Citizenship Test", we'll guide you step by step through your preparation program - and give you the tools you need to succeed. Inside you'll find: full coverage of the exam and the N-400 application; a step-by-step review of all topics covered on the exam; and, a DVD featuring four mock interviews that show you how these meetings are performed, what kinds of questions will be asked, and positive, nonverbal ways you can communicate to your interviewer.
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McGraw-Hill - 2009

Becoming a U.S. Citizen
The path from green card to U.S. citizenship can be a long and winding one -- and bureaucratic hassles are inevitable. But with Becoming a U.S. Citizen, you can shave months or years off the time it takes to become a citizen. Find out how to:
  • determine your eligibility
  • make sure you won't risk deportation by applying
  • fill out application forms
  • study for the citizenship exam
  • have a successful interview
  • deal with setbacks
  • enjoy your status as a U.S. citizen
  • help family members immigrate
    • Becoming a U.S. Citizen also shows how you may be able take advantage of special procedures if you are disabled, in the military, the spouse of a U.S. citizen, or for other special circumstances.

      The revised 5th edition reflects current and proposed laws, as well as new fees and procedures. Plus, learn about new rules governing naturalization through Armed Forces service, and get the most up-to-date contact information available.
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Nolo - 2010