Study Guides for the AP English Lit Exam!

AP English Literature & Composition Crash Course
Crash Course is perfect for the time-crunched student, the last-minute studier, or anyone who wants a refresher on the subject. Are you crunched for time? Have you started studying for your Advanced Placement® English Literature & Composition exam yet? How will you memorize everything you need to know before the test? Do you wish there was a fast and easy way to study for the exam AND boost your score? If this sounds like you, don't panic. REA's Crash Course for AP® English Literature & Composition is just what you need.
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REA - 2010

Cracking the AP English Literature & Composition Exam
Everything You Need to Know for a High Score.
• Comprehensive content review for all test topics
• Up-to-date information on the 2015 AP English Literature & Composition Exam
• Engaging activities to help you critically assess your progress

Practice Your Way to Perfection.
2 full-length practice tests with detailed answer explanations
• Practice drills in each content review chapter
• Sample prose, poetry, and open essays to help you plan and organize your own
writing effectively on the day of the exam

Techniques That Actually Work.
• Tried-and-true strategies to avoid traps and beat the test
• Tips for pacing yourself and guessing logically
• Essential tactics to help you work smarter, not harder.
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Princeton Review - 2014

AP English Literature and Composition
Including 4 full length exams, structured and styled exactly like what you will find on the real test, this study guide is designed to increase and maximize scores for any student regardless of current subject knowledge and skills. Set your sights higher: You don’t have to be a prospective English major to perform well on the exam, and you don’t even have to be a great English student. The most important aspect to bear in mind is that you must prepare yourself for the test. That doesn't just mean studying—although that doesn’t hurt. You need to be as familiar as possible with every single aspect of how this test is going to go down. Think about it: you only have three hours to earn an entire semester’s worth of college credit; do you really want to waste those hours cracking the code on directions and what the questions are really asking? This guide isn’t your typical “here’s what you need to know for your test” book. You’ve already seen those and, honestly, what purpose have they served other than re-hashing every English and Language Arts lesson you’ve had since the sixth grade? This book won't be going over everything your AP Literature teacher is already striving hard to reiterate to you each day, so don’t plan on learning how to write a thesis statement again or how to analyze a passage for tone. No, this book is going to teach you how to study and prepare for the test. That means what to study, as well as how to study - the method behind the madness, if you will. Finally, with four full-length sample AP Literature tests allow you to practice for the examination and hone your skills, providing you with an introduction to the types of questions you can expect on the test.
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Accepted, Inc. - 2014

Barron's AP English Literature and Composition
In-depth preparation for the AP English Literature and Composition exam includes:

  • Five full-length practice AP exams with all questions answered and explained
  • Additional sample questions with answers covering poetry and prose fiction
  • A review of test topics covering details test takers need to know about poetry, fiction, and drama
  • Sample student essays with critiques of their strengths and weaknesses
  • A detailed glossary defining 175 literary and rhetorical terms
  • Updated guidelines for determining final AP exam score
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Barron's Educational Series - 2015

5 Steps to a 5 AP English Literature

5 Steps to a 5: AP English Literature features an effective, 5-step plan to guide your preparation program and help you build the skills, knowledge, and test-taking confidence you need to succeed. This fully revised edition covers the latest course syllabus and matches the latest exam. It also includes McGraw-Hill Education’s AP Planner app, which will enable you to customize your own study schedule on your mobile device.

  • AP Planner app featuring daily practice assignment notifications delivered to your mobile device
  • 3 full-length practice AP English Literature exams with explanations
  • Access to online AP English Literature quizzes
  • 3 separate study plans to fit your learning style
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McGraw-Hill - 2015