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Cracking the LSAT
THE PRINCETON REVIEW GETS RESULTS. Get all the prep you need to ace the LSAT with 3 full-length practice tests, thorough LSAT section reviews, and extra practice online.

Techniques That Actually Work.
  • Powerful strategies for tackling each section of the exam
  • Key tactics for cracking tough Games question sets
  • Tips for pacing yourself and prioritizing challenging questions

Everything You Need To Know for a High Score.
  • Logical and Analytical Reasoning questions, many based on actual exams (with the permission of the Law School Admission Council)
  • Expert instruction and lessons for each LSAT section

Practice Your Way to Perfection.
  • 2 full-length practice tests with detailed answer explanations
  • 1 additional full-length LSAT practice exam online
  • Drills for each area, including Reading Comprehension and Writing
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Princeton Review - 2017

LSAT Secrets Study Guide
A comprehensive Analytical Reasoning (logic games) review including: Breaking out Rule Busters, Mastering the Art of Symbology, Staying Loose, Reading Carefully Between the Lines, Evaluating Danger Words, Using Common Sense, Making Tough Decisions, Maximizing Your Resources, Assessing Value; A comprehensive Logical Reasoning review including: Milking the Passage, Learning from Opposites, Making Predictions, Dissecting the Facts, Using New Information, Catching the Obvious, Benchmarking for Success, Appreciating Key Words, Handling the Unexpected; A comprehensive Reading Comprehension review including: Determining the Relationships, Making Strategic Eliminations, Recognizing Switchback Words, Understanding Word Types, Finding the Right Opportunities, When Truth Doesn't Equal Correctness, Avoiding the Trap of Familiarity, Making Logic Work for You, Skimming Techniques to Save Time; A comprehensive Writing Sample review including: Approaching a Topic, Brainstorming for Success, Picking a Main Idea, Starting Your Engines, Strength Through Diversity, Weeding Your Garden, Creating a Logical Flow, Avoiding the Panic, Checking Your Work, and much more...
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Mometrix Media - 2015

10 Actual, Official LSAT Preptests
For pure practice at an unbelievable price, you can't beat the 10 Actual series. Each book includes: 10 previously administered LSATs, an answer key for each test, a writing sample for each test,score-conversion tables, and sample Comparative Reading questions and explanations.
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Law School Admission Council - 2017

The Law School Admission Game
Law School Admission Expert Ann Levine, former director of admission for two ABA law schools and popular pre-law blogger of the Law School Expert blog offers concrete tips and professional insights into the law school admission process and how to maximize each piece of the law school application process. The Law School Admission Game: Play Like an Expert answers questions for today's law school applicants.
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Abraham Publishing - 2009

Master the LSAT
To prepare properly for the LSAT, you must study problems that reflect the true LSAT format. The best way to do that is to study actual LSAT tests. Now, you can do that with this book! MASTER THE LSAT contains detailed solutions to numerous actual LSAT questions, carefully selected to illustrate every type of question that has appeared on the test in the past several years, including thorough analysis of 2 official LSATs! Features: * Analytical Reasoning: Learn powerful diagramming techniques and step-by-step strategies to solve every type of game question. * Logical Reasoning: Discover the underlying simplicity of these problems and learn the principles of logic these questions are based on. Also includes a Free online Course! Course Features: * Ask Questions! Our instructors monitor StudyDesk to answer your questions. * Highly Interactive: You can search the course for any topic, take notes, view solutions, view reports. lso, includes test prep software.
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Nova Press - 2013

The PowerScore LSAT Logic Games Bible
The PowerScore LSAT Logic Games Bible? is the most comprehensive book available for the Logic Games section of the LSAT. This best-selling book will provide you with an advanced system for attacking any game that you may encounter on the LSAT. The concepts presented in the Logic Games Bible are representative of the techniques covered in PowerScore?s live courses and have consistently been proven effective for thousands of students. The PowerScore Logic Games Bible features and explains a detailed methodology for solving all aspects of Logic Games.
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PowerScore - 2008