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Jerry Seinfeld Live on Broadway
When Seinfeld wrapped up its ninth and final season in the spring of 1998, the popular show's namesake and cocreator decided to offer a symbolic gesture to his fans. Taped for HBO in August 1998, on the final date of Jerry Seinfeld's tour appearances at New York City's Broadhurst Theater, I'm Telling You for the Last Time presents the standup comedian's so-called "final" standup, or at least his final tour with the standup material that made him famous.
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HBO Studios - 1998

How many years has it been since the final episode of Seinfeld? Luckily there's repeats in syndication for us diehard fans. Fortunately, also, his legacy lives on in his book Seinlanguage. A little book of his preshow monologues assorted with stand up routines and various other musings from his harrowing i mean hilarious mind.
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Bantam Books - 1995

Jerry Seinfeld, the Entire Domain
"Not that there's anything wrong with it"; "I'm still master of my domain." The list of lines from the TV show Seinfeld that entered into society's conversational repertoire goes on and on. This comedy show, during its nine-year run, reconfigured the sitcom; it ended, not because of low ratings, but because creator Jerry Seinfeld knew to end on a high note, following the old show-biz admonition to leave your audience wanting more. Entertainment journalist and biographer Tracy combines a biography of Seinfeld with a history of Seinfeld.
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Birch Lane Pr - 1998