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Saved By the Bell - Classic Collection
Worried your old pirated tapes of Saved by the Bell are wearing down. Well now you can get the entire "classic collection" at your home. If your a SbtB fan, then this is a must have.
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Vidmark - 2000

Saved by the Bell - Seasons 1 & 2
Saved by the Bell was one of the most popular shows of the early 1990s, and possibly the most popular children's programs of the 1990s. It was the original teenybopper show, which premiered on Saturday mornings in 1988. It got so popular that NBC decided to move it to weekly afternoons for children to rush home and watch after school! Now you can re-watch seasons 1 & 2 every day with this DVD Collection.
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Lions Gate - 2003

Saved By The Bell: Soundtrack
If you still watch Saved By the Bell before you go to work in the morning, you will love this cd! It has great songs from when the gang formed their own rock group and from Hot Sundae, the girls' group!
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Rhino Records - 1995

Saved by the Bell - Wedding in Las Vegas
This movie was a fitting end to a fun series. From when "Saved By The Bell" first came on the air in 1989 there was a magic to it. All of the cast went on to college, and this movie wrapped up the series. After many years of chasing Kelly, Zack has finally convinced her into getting married. This movie follows their trek into Las Vegas for a quicky wedding.
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Vidmark - 2003