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Oracle Database 12c the Complete Reference

Maintain a scalable, highly available enterprise platform and reduce complexity by leveraging the powerful new tools and cloud enhancements of Oracle Database 12c. This authoritative Oracle Press guide offers complete coverage of installation, configuration, tuning, and administration. Find out how to build and populate Oracle databases, perform effective queries, design applications, and secure your enterprise data. Oracle Database 12c: The Complete Reference also contains a comprehensive appendix covering commands, keywords, features, and functions.

  • Set up Oracle Database 12c or upgrade from an earlier version
  • Design Oracle databases and plan for application implementation
  • Construct SQL and SQL*Plus statements and execute powerful queries
  • Secure data with roles, privileges, virtualization, and encryption
  • Move data with SQL*Loader and Oracle Data Pump
  • Restore databases using flashback and the Oracle Database Automatic Undo Management feature
  • Build and deploy PL/SQL triggers, procedures, and packages
  • Work with Oracle pluggable and container databases
  • Develop database applications using Java, JDBC, and XML
  • Optimize performance with Oracle Real Application Clusters
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McGraw-Hill Education - 2013

Visual Basic 2015 Unleashed

Using Visual Basic 2015, developers can build cutting-edge applications that run practically anywhere: on Windows desktops, new Windows 10 devices, in mobile and cloud environments, and beyond. Visual Basic 2015 Unleashed is the most comprehensive, practical reference to modern programming with VB 2015.

Long-time Visual Basic MVP Alessandro Del Sole walks you through the latest version of the language, helping you thoroughly master its most valuable features, most powerful programming techniques, and most effective development patterns. Next, he shows how to use Visual Basic 2015 to build robust, effective software in a wide range of environments.

Extensively updated for Visual Basic 2015’s major improvements, this guide covers both Visual Basic 2015 Professional Edition for professional developers and the free Community Edition for hobbyists, novices, and students. Del Sole has added detailed coverage of building new universal Windows apps for Windows 10 and using new Visual Studio 2015 capabilities to supercharge your productivity as a developer. If you want to leverage all of VB 2015’s power, this is the book you need.

Detailed information on how to...

  • Understand the Visual Studio 2015 IDE, .NET Framework 4.6 and the new .NET Core 5, and the anatomy of a VB 2015 application
  • Debug VB applications and implement error handling and exceptions
  • Keep your code clean and well-organized with VB 2015’s new refactoring tools
  • Master modern VB object development: namespaces, modules, structures, enums, inheritance, interfaces, generics, delegates, events, collections, iterators, and more
  • Share Visual Basic code with Portable Class Libraries and Shared Projects
  • Access data with LINQ and ADO.NET Entity Framework
  • Manipulate XML documents with LINQ and XML Literals
  • Build and deploy applications to run in the Microsoft Azure cloud
  • Develop universal Windows apps that run on any Windows 10 device
  • Use advanced .NET 4.6 platform capabilities, including async and parallel programming, multithreading, assemblies, reflection, and coding attributes
  • Leverage new compiler APIs to write custom domain-specific live code analysis rules
  • Test code with unit tests and TDD 
  • Deploy apps efficiently with InstallShield for Visual Studio and ClickOnce
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Sams Publishing - 2015

MCSD : Visual Basic 6 Desktop Applications Study Guide
The "Visual Basic 6 Desktop Applications" exam is one of the core exams for the new 1999 Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) certification. This Microsoft-approved study guide uses the same presentation and teaching strategy as the books in Sybex's bestselling MCSE Study Guide Series. Concise, easy-to-follow examples teach programmers all of the essential information that programmers need to know to pass the MCSD exam and create standalone VB programs. The book's CD contains an exclusive Sybex training course that includes scores of timed test questions, answers, and discussions for the Visual Basic Desktop Applications programming exam. The auto-run, graphical software includes diagrams, hypertext help, and discussions that help the user pass this difficult exam.
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Sybex - 1999

MCSD Fast Track : Visual Basic 6 Exam 70-176 (Fast Track)
MCSD Fast Track: Visual Basic 6 (70-176 Exam) gets you ready for the test FAST, covering just what you need to know to pass the test, assuming you have a working knowledge of the technology to begin with. You'll learn what's important to know about Exam 70-175 in Part I. Part II takes you through the test and into the real-world use of the technology, with chapters on: Fast Facts Review Section: Digest of each chapter-ending 'What's Important-to-Know' section from Part I; Hotlists of Exam-Critical Concepts; Sample Test Questions: One question per key point made in the book; Insider's Spin (on taking the exam): What Microsoft doesn't necessarily want you to know; and Did You Know?: Invaluable real-world applications for the technology covered in the exam, taken from the author's training and consulting files.
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New Riders Publishing - 1999

MCSD Visual Basic 6 Desktop Applications Study Guide : Exam 70-176
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McGraw-Hill - 1999